Materials accepted for the curbside recycling programs in Josephine County

Acceptable in Curbside Bins

  • Corrugated cardboard – no waxed cardboard
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Phone Books, Catalogs & Paperback Books
  • Junk mail, envelopes, mailers, cereal boxes, paper bags, office papers, construction papers, file folders, shoe boxes, scrap paper – no shredded paper smaller than 3”
  • Pizza boxes – without food residue or grease
  • Paper egg cartons, toilet and paper towel cores – no tissue
  • Plastic jugs such as milk, water or juice – no cartons
  • Plastic bottles – these must have neck smaller than the body of the plastic bottle- throw away lids
  • Plastic tubs, containers – small margarine, sour cream, yogurt containers- throw away lids, they cause issue for paper recycling
  • Aluminum and tin cans – clean and rinse out

Oil Recycling

Oil is accepted at curbside when placed next to your recycle cart in gallon jugs with tight-fitting screw caps.

Glass Recycling 

Glass recycling is not allowed in your cart. Please bring glass to a recycle depot near you.


Just because an item has a recycle logo on it doesn’t mean that it can be recycled in our area. Contaminants hurt the recycling the process and sometimes cause injuries to workers. Avoid stringy type items, metal/plastic strapping, plastic bags and watering hoses to name a few. If in doubt and you are not sure if an item can be recycled throw it in the trash or contact your waste hauler for more information.

Transfer Stations & Recycling Depots

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Photo Credits: Flying Toad Graphics